Fraternitas Rigensis


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After landunited principle
1823 in Dorpat founded fraternity.
(11 the 12 donors were in Riga
born; one in the circles of Riga.)
Colors: blue - red, knows.
Sense and purpose the Fraternitas Rigensis
was "the preparation to the future
Efficacy in the country Riga Livland".
After the establishment of the Latvias Leiden oder Triumphieren University in Riga became the Fraternitas Rigensis 1921 from Dorpat after Riga transfers. suffer or triumph   1939, before the relocation the German Ambos oder Hammer sein Ethnic group from Latvia after Germany, was closed the active Convent. be an anvil or a hammer The Philister met still regularly up to the 175. day of the foundation 1998.